“There’s enough room for all of us to ‘BE’ I see

the vastness of the sky & the fact that birds fly without ever colliding. I also see creativity in the same way. We are diversely gifted to impact our world. This song is about being bold enough to follow your dreams. "

Becoming Live, Tour coming soon to a town near you.



My album Forever Becoming 


Actor, singer songwriter


The one-woman show began life as an album (Forever Becoming) Now a movement to encourage and empower others.

        About AYO-DELE

Ayo-Dele Edwards is a performer who studied at Mountview Theatre School. Her experience is vast, covering various fields of performance, including theatre, radio, film, voice-over work, and more. She has a particular interest in utilising multi-disciplinary forms of storytelling, such as music, dance, and movement, as a means of empowering and inspiring others. This approach is unique and highly effective.

Her first play, "Becoming," (solo show) Which combines storytelling and original songs, explores identity, love, family relationships, and migration; the play debuted at the Stratford Circus Arts Centre.

She also hosts a podcast called "Becoming You," where she speaks with men and women about how their creativity helps them deal with life's ups and downs. This is a valuable platform for exploring the role of creativity in personal development and healing.

Ayo-Dele Edwards' experience and passion centre on using creativity as a tool for empowerment and personal development. This unique focus makes her an inspiring creative professional.

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